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Reaching for the Stars (Troop Event) Registration Deadline
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Reaching for the Stars (Troop Event) Registration Deadline


When: January 24, 2014
Where: 29th and Yale Church of Christ
2901 S Yale Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma  74114
United States
Kathryn Davis-Robb

Phone: 918-745-5217 or 800-707-9914 ext. 217


Be part of the GSEOK Astronomy Club and receive the Junior level patch: Reaching for the Stars! Girl Scout Juniors will learn about the star maps, constellations, comets and sun dials through hands-on activities.

Who: Girl Scout Junior Troops. No tagalongs.

Prerequisites: Leaders must have completed Beyond the Meeting training.

Volunteer Coordinators: Leslie Chambliss, Erik Davidson, Doug Napier, and Sherry Robinson.

Adults Needed: Due to space limitations, please only bring the number of adults/leaders that are necessary for the adult to girl ratio.

Additional Information: Prior to attending the event, troops must complete two of the following activities:
1. Which planets are visible to the naked eye? Locate one or more and tell what part of the sky (direction), date, and time you located it. What is in our solar system? Explain the differences of those things in it. Draw a simple diagram of the solar system.
2. Locate the North Star. What is the other name for it? Use it to locate at least two other major stars and name them.
3. Observe the moon on the first or last quarter. Using a moon map and a telescope or binoculars, locate valleys, ridges, or mountain ranges on the surface. Answer the following questions:
   a. How long does it take the moon to complete an orbit around the Earth?
   b. What causes the phases of the moon?
   c. How does the moon’s orbit affect the tides on Earth?
   d. How old is the moon?
   e. How were craters formed?
   f. When did the first American walk on the moon and when? How many times have we gone to the moon?
4. Do one of the following:
   a. Is there a planetarium in your town? Visit it and share your experience with a group.
   b. Interview an astronomer. What do they do? What education is needed to become an astronomer?
5. Start a neighborhood astronomy club or start one with your troop that you can meet on campouts. If other troops are there, involve them and help them start their own. Ask a local astronomy club to help you if needed.


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