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Annual Report

Thank you for continuing to champion girl ambition through the challenges of the past year. Explore your impact in this year’s Annual Report, featuring highlights on girl programming, partnerships with individuals, foundations, and corporations, and our council’s financial information.

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This year brought many new and exciting STEM opportunities for Girl Scouts in eastern Oklahoma. Under the guidance of a STEM Advisory Committee, we adopted a three-year STEM Strategic Plan with a vision to inspire and empower all Girl Scouts to excel in STEM fields of study and succeed in 21st-century careers as leaders and trailblazers. After a dip in participation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we finished the year strong with 15 Robotics teams and 393 STEM badges earned. Special programs offered in STEM in 2021 included a Space Camp experience in Huntsville Alabama; a “See It, Be It” STEM festival at Grove Elementary in Tulsa; and “Up, Up, and Away,” a first-annual series of summer activities and field trips for girls in our Staff-Led Troops and Girl Scouts Beyond Bars programs.

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Outdoor programs, including day and resident camps, were more important than ever in 2021, as girls battled with anxiety and depression exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. After a year of hiatus, GSEOK was able to once again offer Summer Resident Camp at Camp Tallchief in 2021. To combat the risk of COVID-19, we lowered capacity and implemented mitigation measures such as masks and testing. These proved effective, as we successfully hosted 442 girls over six weeks of camp with NO reported cases of COVID-19!

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Eastern Oklahoma Girl Scouts truly shone bright as they undertook a wide variety of community service projects in 2021. Partnering with local food pantries, animal shelters, nursing homes, schools, parks, and foster care programs, Girl Scout troops hosted drives, raised awareness, and thoughtfully served the needy in their communities. Our Girl Scouts Beyond Bars and Staff-Led Troops programs for girls in low-income and disinvested communities continued to serve throughout 2021, providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for girls impacted by poverty, maternal incarceration, or trauma. The importance of our Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program was deeply underscored this year, as many new mothers entering the program had not seen their children in more than two years.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic created challenges for our Girl Scout entrepreneurs-in-training, they rose to the occasion with creative decision-making to solve those problems. During the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls set up contactless delivery and drive-thru cookie booths, readily adapting to changing circumstances to meet their goals. An exciting, first-ever partnership with GrubHub gave girls hands-on experience with a new business model as they managed inventory, packaged orders, and used the GrubHub tablet software to coordinate delivery. After the sale, Girl Scouts throughout our council donated leftover boxes to first responders, such as firemen, police officers, nurses, and emergency services workers. All funds from the Girl Scout Cookie Program stayed local and directly impacted girls, who utilized a portion of each sale to pay for programming and troop activities.

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