The Tulsa Voice: Love, courageous and strong Girl Scouts Beyond Bars eases state separation of mother and child


Every month, her three daughters make the trek from their homes in Tulsa to Oklahoma City to see her, thanks to Girl Scouts Beyond Bars, a Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma program that takes children to see their incarcerated mothers.

“I love Fridays because I know that’s when I get to see her. Walking in there and seeing her face is just amazing,” Daisa says, sitting between her two sisters, Le’Airra and Frantazia Jones, as they eat snacks.

As of December 19, Mercedes is one of the 3,144 women currently in Oklahoma’s prisons. According to the Girl Scouts, national data indicates that almost two-thirds of female prisoners are mothers. Programs like Girl Scouts Beyond Bars make visiting imprisoned mothers more accessible to their children.

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