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Statement on Rallies, Marches, and Protests


In the upcoming months, there will be many causes holding rallies, peaceful protests and marches. You may have questions about where Girl Scouts fits into this equation. First, let me be clear. Girl Scouts of the USA and Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma is not red or blue, we are Girl Scout GREEN. This is an opportunity for you to have meaningful discussions with your Girl Scout about issues that are important to her. At Girl Scouts, we encourage girls’ participation in civic engagement and respect the rights of each individual girl and adult member of our organization to make their own decisions about participating in rallies or peaceful protests—either as individuals or as Girl Scouts. We at Girl Scouts strive to help girls tap into their leadership potential to develop the courage, confidence, and character to make our world a better place.

The safety and security of our Girl Scouts is our top priority. We believe the discussion about whether or not to attend a rally, peaceful protest or march is best left to families. If a girl chooses to participate in an event she feels passionately about, she’s invited to wear her uniform if she chooses. As a nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization, Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma does not take a stand on political matters. Staff and adult members may not engage in political activities while representing Girl Scouts. Please see our Advocacy Practices and Guidelines During an Election Year. We encourage all Girl Scouts to follow appropriate CDC health guidelines while attending gatherings.