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All deposits are non-refundable.

The balance of program fees may be refunded only if notice of cancellation is received prior to the registration deadline. Early notice will make it possible for another girl to attend. Refunds will not be made for girls arriving late, leaving early, or attending partial activities. If cancellation is received by the registration deadline, Cookie Credit used will be refunded to the account.

Any non-refundable cancellation fees for activities cancelled before the registration deadline will be noted on the activity detail page. In the event that GSEOK must cancel a program, a full refund will be offered.

Cookie Credit can be applied to most activities.

Not all activities will allow for Cookie Credit however, any that do not will be noted on the activity detail page. Cookie Credit cannot be used to pay for any non-refundable deposits required. Cookie Credit earned in the most recent cookie selling period cannot be used until after May 1 of the same year. 

Cookie Credit funds will carry over from year to year as long as the Girl Scout girl membership is maintained.

Financial Assistance - Membership

When registering for membership, check the Financial Aid box during checkout.

Who qualifies for financial assistance for membership registration?
A first time girl registration OR a first time troop leader registration.

Returning girls and troop leaders do not qualify for financial assistance for membership registration. A recommended practice is for troops to reserve enough money from cookie sales to pay for their renewal membership fees in the fall. Please contact your troop leader for information.

Are all qualified membership registration financial assistance requests approved?
Unfortunately, no. Qualified financial assistance requests are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. We strive to raise funds to cover qualified financial assistance requests. Approval is contingent upon available funds at the time of the request.

How long will my request take to process?
You should receive a response from the council within 7-10 business days. If you do not hear from us, please give Customer Care a call at 800-707-9914 or send an email to

Financial Assistance - Activity

Cookie Credit is applied before any discounts or financial assistance is granted.

Financial assistance is available for any registered Girl Scout who doesn’t have enough Cookie Credit and would not otherwise be able to attend an activity. Any Cookie Credit available will be applied to the balance before financial assistance is considered. As soon as the request has been evaluated, you will be emailed a letter stating the amount granted and the balance due, if any. Not all activities allow for Cookie Credit. Any that do not will be noted on the activity detail page.

All information regarding financial assistance is not shared with anyone, and will remain confidential.