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Girls gather around the campfire, swim like fish, and channel their inner explorer at Camp Tallchief!

With almost 30 specialty sessions throughout the summer, campers discover exciting activities that challenge their limits, build their confidence, and further their leadership skills.

So no matter whether it's riding on horseback, swimming, paddling, crafting, or STEM…girls will find that their next adventure is just around the corner! Under the guidance of our highly-trained staff, girls will experience an unforgettable summer- having fun, developing new friendships, and making memories that last a lifetime!

Week 1

June 13 - 18, 2021
Registration Deadline: May 31

Grade Session Name Fee
1 - 4 A Smidgen - SOLD OUT $350
3 - 5 Bump in the Night- SOLD OUT $350
3 - 5 Spurs & Bits - SOLD OUT $400
4 - 6 Bubble Up - SOLD OUT $350
4 - 6 Artists in Residence - SOLD OUT $350
4 - 6 Wacky Wizardry - SOLD OUT $350
5 - 8 Pioneers and Pathfinders $350
6 - 9 Wet & Wild - SOLD OUT $350
6 - 10 Babysitter's Bootcamp - SOLD OUT $350
7 - 12 With a Bit of Tack - SOLD OUT $400
10 - 12* CIT 2 (3 weeks) 15+ $600

Week 2

June 20 - 25, 2021
Registration Deadline: June 7

Grade Session Name Fee
3 - 5 Launch $350
3 - 5 This 'n That - SOLD OUT $350
3 - 5 Spurs & Bits - SOLD OUT $400
4 - 6 Cool Your Jets with Pets - SOLD OUT $350
4 - 6 Bubble Up- SOLD OUT $350
4 - 6 Wacky Wizardry $350
6 - 9 Air Time - SOLD OUT $350
6 - 9 Wet & Wild - SOLD OUT $350
6 - 10 Deck Hands - SOLD OUT $350
7 - 12 Saddles & Paddles - SOLD OUT $750

Week 3

June 27 - July 2, 2021
Registration Deadline: June 14

Grade Session Name Fee
1 - 4 Wild Wanderers- SOLD OUT $350
3 - 5 Bump in the Night $350
3 - 5 Spurs & Bits- SOLD OUT $400
4 - 6 Sizzling Sweets - SOLD OUT $350
4 - 6 Arrow Up - SOLD OUT $350
5 - 7 Saddle Up - SOLD OUT $400
6 - 9 Wet & Wild - SOLD OUT $350
6 - 10 Castaway - SOLD OUT $350
6 - 10 Megamedia - SOLD OUT $350

Week 4

July 11 - 16, 2021
Registration Deadline: June 28

Grade Session Name Fee
1 - 4 A Smidgen $350
3 - 5 Bump in the Night $350
3 - 5 Spurs & Bits - SOLD OUT $400
4 - 6 Cool Your Jets with Pets- SOLD OUT $350
4 - 6 Bubble Up - SOLD OUT $350
4 - 6 Wacky Wizardry - SOLD OUT $350
5 - 7 Saddle Up - SOLD OUT $400
5 - 8 Pioneers & Pathfinders - SOLD OUT $350
6 - 9 Pampered Camper - SOLD OUT $350
6 - 9 Wet & Wild - SOLD OUT $350
9 - 11* CIT 1 (3 weeks) 14+ - SOLD OUT $600

Week 5

July 18 - 23, 2021
Registration Deadline: July 5

Grade Session Name Fee
1 - 4 Wild Wanderers $350
3 - 5 Bump in the Night $350
4 - 6 Bubble Up - SOLD OUT $350
4 - 6 Sizzling Sweets $350
4 - 6 Wacky Wizardry $350
6 - 9 Wet & Wild - SOLD OUT $350
7 - 12 Right on Target $350
7 - 12 With a Bit of Tack $400
7 - 12 Blazing Trails (2 weeks) 12+ $850
9 - 11 The Gap - SOLD OUT $350

Week 6

July 25 - 30, 2021
Registration Deadline: July 12

Grade Session Name Fee
1 - 4 A Smidgen- SOLD OUT $350
1 - 4 Mermaids (Half Week) $200
1 - 4 Dabble Do (Half Week) $200
2 - 4 Giddy Up A (Half Week) $225
2 - 4 Giddy Up B (Half Week) $225
3 - 5 Bump in the Night $350
3 - 5 This 'n That $350
3 - 6 Mississippi Muddin' (Half Week) $200
4 - 6 Bubble Up- SOLD OUT $350
4 - 6 Bubble Up B $350
4 - 7 Super Sleuth (Half Week) $200
6 - 10 Deck Hands- SOLD OUT $350
About Camp Tallchief

Camp Tallchief is nestled in the Osage Hills near Sand Springs in Northeastern Oklahoma, celebrating the 40th year of operation ins 2020! It is a fenced, mostly wooded area with large open spaces - perfect for a variety of outdoor activities! There are numerous trails of varying distance and difficulty. Meals are served in our Dining Hall under the watchful eye of Tallchief. Swimming is offered at our pool house. Lake Tallchief is the perfect stage for various boating activities including canoeing, sailing, and skiing. We also offer a variety of lodging options ranging from dorm style cabins to Yurts. Dreamcatcher Riding Arena offers girls an opportunity to specialize in equestrian skills. Other program activity areas include the archery range, fishing pond, and low ropes course. 


Accommodations range from cabins, yurts, an air-conditioned dorm-style room, to even sleeping under the stars. Cabin assignment vary depending on age of campers and session. All areas offer beds with twin sized mattresses.

A Day at Camp

7:00am Rise and Shine

7:45am Flag Ceremony

8:00am Breakfast
Usually, a hot breakfast like waffles, eggs, sausage, and cereal bar. 

9:00am Cabin Kapers
Kapers are camp chores that play an important role in Girl Scouting. Girls learn that everyone must do their share of assigned duties. Each unit takes turns doing camp chores - such as cleaning restrooms, picking up trash, sweeping and mopping the dining hall, sweeping the porches of the Lodge, and performing the flag ceremony. 

9:30am Morning Activities
Cabins travel to activity areas as a group throughout the day. Activities might could include boating, archery, swimming at the pool, games, arts n’ crafts, STEM activities, or session-specific activities. 

12:00pm Lunch
Usually, a hot lunch like tacos or sloppy joes. Additional options include a soup and sandwich bar. 

1:00pm Rest Hour
Camp is nonstop! Campers have a chance to read a book, write a letter home, or get some rest. 

2:00pm Snack
Snacks may include items such as apples, cheese crackers, carrots, or snack mix. 

2:30pm Afternoon Activities
Cabins travel to activity areas as a group throughout the day. Activities might could include boating, archery, swimming at the pool, games, arts n’ crafts, STEM activities, or specific session activities. 

5:45pm Flag Ceremony

6:00pm Dinner
Usually, a hot, filing meal such as Lasagna or chicken nuggets. Additional options include a salad bar…don’t forget about dessert!

7:00pm Evening Activities
Evening activities may include special events - such as Opening Campfire, Party Night, and Closing Campfire.

9:30pm Showers / Prepare for Bed

10:00pm Lights Out

Health and Safety

The safety and security of campers is paramount at Camp Tallchief. Our staff endeavor to observe good safety and security measures throughout the program and foster camp culture focused on having fun safely.  Professional security is in place from dusk to dawn, and plans have been made with appropriate medical and law enforcement personnel to provide additional security and respond quickly in case of an emergency.

ACA Accredited

Camp Tallchief is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). Developed exclusively for the camp industry, this nationally recognized organization has established high benchmarks for the health and safety of campers and staff, as well as quality program delivery. Trained ACA representatives have conducted an independent evaluation and we have earned this mark of distinction. 


Resident Camp Packing List

Items for All Sessions:

  • Shorts and T‐shirts (one set for each day + 2 extra sets)
  • Sleepwear (pajamas, nightgown, etc.)
  • Underwear and socks (one pair for each day plus 2 extras)
  • Fabric or disposable face masks (no gaiters – 2 for each day)
  • Swimsuit (one‐piece or two‐piece that covers the same area)
  • 1 pair of long pants
  • 1 long‐sleeved t‐shirt
  • Sweatshirt or jacket
  • Poncho or raincoat (ponchos not allowed around horses)
  • Towels and washcloths (at least 3)
  • Beach towel (at least one)
  • Personal toiletry items (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sanitary supplies, brush, comb, hair ties, shampoo, soap, shower shoes, etc.) in carrying bag
  • Pillow and bedroll (sheets for twin sized mattress, light blanket), or sleeping bag
  • Closed‐toed shoes w/ backs
  • Lake shoes with hard rubber soles and straps or lacing (example: tennis shoes or Chaco type sandals)
  • Laundry bag
  • Daypack or small backpack
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Whistle
  • Hat with a brim
  • Water bottle or canteen 
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Sports strap for glasses and/or extra pair of glasses/contacts, sunglasses
  • One set of clothes that can get filthy or potentially ruined
  • Stationery and stamps 
  • Pen and pencil
  • Something white to be tie‐dyed

Optional Items:

  • Disposable or digital camera 
  • Journal


Additional Items: 


Wacky Wizardry

  • 1 ½ - 2 yards of fabric for a cape

Pampered Camper

  • Hair appliances (curlers, blow dryers, straightener, hair accessories)
  • Makeup
  • Nice outfit for a nice dinner
  • Nail file/clippers


Bubble Up, Wet & Wild, Saddles & Paddles

  • Extra swimsuits, sunscreen, and towels
  • Swim goggles


Horseback Programs 

  • At least 3 pairs of jeans
  • Riding boots or shoe with ½ inch heel




CIT 1 & CIT 2 Program

  • Camp cot or sleeping pad
  • Camp chair
  • Brown cotton jersey gloves
  • Children’s story books

Saddles & Paddles / Blazing Trails

  • Laundry detergent for washing clothes 
  • Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Pad


  • Food, candy, gum, and snacks
  • “Slip-on” type shoes without a heel strap
  • Glass containers 
  • Hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, or electric clocks
  • Pets
  • Personal sports equipment (unless for specific program)
  • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco or weapons of any kind (including pocket knives)
  • Electronic Devices: cell phones, personal music players, radios, electronic games, TVs, pagers, laptops, personal tablets

Things to remember when packing:

  • Older clothes and equipment are best for camp life
  • Bring all items appropriate for the program you are attending
  • Be prepared for Oklahoma’s rapidly changing weather and bring appropriate clothing
  • Label everything with your first and last name before packing it
  • Everything brought to camp should fit into bag(s) that a girl can carry including her bedding.  Only pack what she can carry byherself

Personal Sports Equipment

Campers and staff can bring personal sports equipment that is relevant to the current program they are attending with the knowledge and consent of the camp director. This includes bicycles, riding helmets, softball gloves, etc. All personal sports equipment is to be clearly labeled with the owner’s name and will be stored with other camp equipment of its kind. Camp Tallchief is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen personal sports equipment that is brought to camp.


The health of Camp Tallchief’s campers, families, and staff are of the utmost importance.

In response to local, state, and national recommendations - we will be implementing several strategies to limit the spread of COVID-19 at camp. We are aligning with guidance provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), The American Camp Association (ACA), as well as local and state health departments. As the situation develops, procedures may change to align with updated guidance. While implementing changes based on new guidance, some of our programming may also be subject to change. We have listed several of those contingencies below to provide families with as much information as possible in preparation for the summer. 

Coming to camp this summer is a commitment. Most camp staff will arrive at least two weeks prior to the beginning of camp. For the safety of everyone involved, we’re asking you to partner with us by limiting your camper’s and your family’s contacts for two weeks prior to your camper’s scheduled session. This means not organizing play dates or traveling with those outside of your immediate household. 

For the safety of all, all campers and staff will be required to complete daily screenings for 14 days prior to arriving at camp. Prescreening will be completed through CampDoc. Pre-screening will require you to take your camper’s temperature, monitor for symptoms, and report any possible exposures to COVID-19. Camp Tallchief’s Health Supervisor will follow-up with any individuals who report symptoms, a fever, or exposure. Any camper who does not complete the daily pre-screening protocol will not be eligible to attend camp. 

Check-In/ Check-Out
At Camp, everyone in the vehicle with the camper will undergo a temperature screening. If anyone in the vehicle is found to have a temperature of 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher, showing symptoms of COVID-19, or answering “yes” to any questions on the screening questionnaire, the camper will be unable to attend camp that week. Both check-in and check-out processes will be drive-through. Campers will receive a health screening and lice check outside their vehicle. Camp staff will assist campers in transporting luggage to their cabins, setting up their beds, and other first day activities. Medication and mail can be dropped off as part of the drive-through process. Families are asked to remain in their vehicles during the check-in and check-out process. Restroom facilities will not be available to non-campers. Please plan in advance if you believe you will need to make a restroom stop prior to arrival. 

Daily Screening
Temperature and symptom screening will be conducted daily for all campers and staff. Any person displaying symptoms will be isolated and the camper will be required to be picked up immediately to receive further medical attention. When a diagnosis is confirmed, this information will be given to the camp. For readmittance to camp, families must provide negative COVID-19 test results. 

Campers and staff will be required to wear masks with the exception for eating, sleeping, aquatic activities, and strenuous outdoor exercise. Campers will be provided many opportunities throughout the day to take mask breaks. We suggest campers bring at least two masks per day, and bags to store used and clean masks.

Cabin Group/ Cohort
As in the past, campers will be assigned to a cabin based on their session selection. Our sessions are limited to 10 girls and will be assigned their own counselors. This cabin group will do all activities together, eat together, and sleep in the same building. Anyone not belonging to the group will not be permitted in their sleeping area. Different groups will not intermingle. 

Nutritious meals will be delivered to each cabin group at mealtimes. Cabin groups will eat as a group outside their cabins. 

All Camp Activities
Large, camp-wide gatherings and activities will most likely not be possible this summer. Traditional evening activities and gatherings will be conducted at the cabin level or will be modified to ensure proper distance between cohort groups.

Cleaning/ Sanitizing
Along with maintaining cabin groups, increasing our sanitation program will be one our highest priorities this year. Indoor facilities - to include cabins - will be sanitized multiple times a day. Additional staff are being utilized to ensure common areas and activity sites are sanitized between groups. In addition, campers will be required to wash their hands or utilize hand sanitizer between meals and activities. Any activity which requires campers to use a common item (i.e. bow and arrow) will be sanitized prior to use by the next camper.


Does my camper need to wear a mask?
Yes, with the exception for eating, sleeping, aquatic activities, and strenuous outdoor exercise. Campers will be provided many opportunities throughout the day to take mask breaks. We suggest campers bring at least two masks per day, and bags to store used and clean masks.

What is the protocol if someone has suspected symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19? 
Any person displaying symptoms will be isolated and the camper or staff member will be required to be picked up immediately to receive further medical attention. If a diagnosis is confirmed, this information will be given to thecamp. For readmittance to camp, families must provide negative COVID-19 test results.

If a diagnosis is confirmed, communication will be sent to families with information about the possible exposure and next steps. All members of the affected cabin group will be required to be picked up immediately to receive further medical attention.

Refund/ Cancellation Policy 2021

All activities require advance registration and payment by the registration deadline. 

  • All deposits are nonrefundable and non-transferable.
  • In the event activity fees do not require a deposit, full payment is required for registration. 
  • Cancellations must be received before the registration deadline.

There are no refunds after the registration deadline. The individual making the registration will be responsible for any balance due for:

  • Cancellations received after the registration deadline.
  • Any balance due for girls who are “no shows”.

No refund will be given for campers: 

  • Arriving with active bed bugs, lice, eggs, or nits.
  • Arriving late or leaving early. 
  • Who are sent home for communicable diseases.
  • Who are sent home for exhibiting improper behavior.

2021 Cancellations Due to COVID-19 Family Circumstances 

While we are unable to provide a no-risk cancellation refund policy, we assure you that if your daughter is ill or is in contact with someone who is ill causing her to be ineligible to attend resident and/or day camp that we will first try to reschedule. If that is not possible, you have the following choices: 

  • Donate all or a portion of payments to camp. 
  • As a nonprofit that relies on income from program payments, it is important to understand that the financial implications of cancelling from a camp session are serious. Prior to camp, many preparations are made that incur expenses for the council. Your donation will mean a great deal towards helping us recoup some of those costs and your donation is tax deductible.
  • We know that each of us has been impacted in a variety of ways by this crisis. At your request, we will cancel the registration and refund all payments except for the deposit.

In the event that GSEOK has to cancel a program, a full refund including the deposit will be provided. This policy includes all methods of payment including those made with Cookie Program Credit.

Need help or have a question? Contact us! or 800-707-9914

Camp Staff

The American Camp Association (ACA) and Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) dictate the age, education, and certification for camp staff. Prospective staff members are carefully screened. Once they are hired, staff members attend mandatory staff training. Training sessions include Girl Scout programming, health, safety, and emergency procedures. The developmental characteristics of each age group are studied as well as the procedures for handling behavior challenges that may occur in the Resident Camp environment. 

Want to work at resident camp this summer, get paid to play, and build up your resume? We have many positions open,  get the application here! If you have any questions, email Frances Maloy at .