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Every Girl Challenge

A new year calls for a new "every girl" challenge! Thanks to all that participated in our Every Girl in a Tent challenge. It was a giant success!

Beginning January 1, any Girl Scout that spends the night on Camp Wah-Shah-She's property will be eligible to receive a free, limited-time patch. Simply tell us about your experience to receive your patch!

Why It's Important

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Camp Wah-Shah-She was purchased in June, 1961. The camp site was at one time Osage Indian land. Wah-Shah-She means "Osage" in the tribal tongue and it was agreed that key locations on site would be named with Osage names and the area(s) have the blessing of the chief. The first day camp was held that summer in the pasture. One Brownie stretched out her arms and exclaimed, “Just think, this is mine, all mine!”  

Spend time together as a troop exploring the great outdoors for an overnight or weekend!  Cradled among woods and hills on 524 acres of land in Osage County, it is a perfect setting for adventure and environmental studies.

Taking a troop?  Make sure you've had  Troop Camper Training  and any other  outdoor trainings  necessary. Make sure you've submitted form  #585F  at least 4 weeks prior.



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Reserve a Campsite

Individuals and troops/groups wishing to reserve a council campsite must submit form #576F - Request for Reservation of Council Campsite, using the following schedule of request dates:

Reserve By For Camp Dates In
June 1 August/September/October
September 1 November/December/January
December 1 February/March/April
March 1 May/June/July
Get Your Patch

Get Your Patch and Share Your Story

After your trip, tell us about it! To get your patch, complete the form below and share a photo. Don't forget to tag us on social media with #GSEOK.

Every Girl Patch-01

The exclusive Every Girl at Camp Wah-Shah-She patch can be requested after camping at least one night on Camp Wah-Shah-She's property.


Challenge FAQs

Is there a cost for the patch?
No. The patch is free to current girl members of Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma.

Can I request a patch for each member of my family? Can adults get the patch?
The patches are available for only Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma girl members at this time.

Can a girl request the Every Girl at Camp Wah-Shah-She patch more than once?
Girls may request the Every Girl at Camp Wah-Shah-She   patch once per program level. Example: she earns the patch this year as a 2nd grade Girl Scout Brownie, then she can work towards earning the patch again as a 4th grade Girl Scout Junior.

Can I request our Every Girl at Camp Wah-Shah-She patch before our camping trip?
Please submit the form after your trip. We want to hear about your trip and what you learned!

Can girls from other councils request or purchase the Every Girl at Camp Wah-Shah-She patch?
Certainly! Keep in mind, this patch requires the reservation of our facility.

How often are the patches mailed if the program goes all year?
The patch request form is open year-round. Due dates for each mailing are listed below. If you submit your form after one of the due dates, your patches will simply be mailed the next time around.

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 30
  • December 31

Who should track participation?
Participation is “on your honor.” Troops are responsible for tracking number of nights camped.

We stayed at Camp Wah-Shah-She last year; prior to the launch of Every Girl at Camp Wah-Shah-She – can we request the patch?
No. Only trips that were taken after January 1, 2020 count towards the Every Girl at Camp Wah-Shah-She.