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Calling all Trailblazers & Mariners!

This special interest troop gives teen Girl Scouts the opportunity to engage deeply with diverse outdoor experiences. Girls will experience all that Girl Scouts offers through a focus on the great outdoors. 

Girls in grades 8-12 can join whether they're in a troop or individually registered!

The troop meets the last Friday of every month at the Hardesty Leadership Center in Tulsa. Designed to supplement their traditional troop experience, girls will meet new friends, practice outdoor skills, and brainstorm, research, and plan several outdoor adventure events and trips throughout the year. 

For more information, check out our FAQ section below or contact Liz Barnes, Outdoor Program Manager, at

noun: a Girl Scout who is part of a troop or group of girls with a special interest in developing and strengthening her skills on the trail. She is engaged in a series of activities that result in the development of advanced skills in hiking, camping and backpacking, she is a pioneer; an innovator.
noun: a Girl Scout who is part of a troop or group of girls with a special interest in developing and strengthening their nautical skills. Girls are engaged in a series of focused activities that result in the development and advancement of this skill set recognized by ratings, certification or extended period of time related to knowledge acquisition.

This is a brand new group and the website may update frequently as we get more questions, so check back periodically for more information!

Last Updated: March 12, 2020


What is Trailblazers & Mariners troop?

Trailblazers & Mariners is an action packed troop offering outdoor adventure for girls in 8 – 12 grade across Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma. Our program is designed to support girls in taking healthy risks, challenging themselves to try new activities, growing their outdoor skills and connecting with other older girls and supportive adults. Girls participate individually and it is intended to supplement the troop experience by offering girls exposure and depth of outdoor activities beyond what they might get with their troop. Girl Scouts that are individually registered may also participate. 

What requirements are there to participate in Trailblazers & Mariners troop?

Girls should have an open mind and be willing to try new things. They should also be comfortable meeting and camping with new people and being away from home and their troop leaders. 

Some events may have specific skills required in the description that participants should meet before registering for an event. 

How does event registration work?

Registration works the same as a traditional program event. Events will be posted on our online registration platform.

Are there additional costs for Trailblazers & Mariners events beyond the cost of event registration?

The event registration fee includes activities, lodging, as well as meals if an event is for a full weekend. For our day events, participants are commonly asked to bring their own lunch and families will be informed of this prior to the event. We will provide all specialized gear for an outdoor activity (ex: climbing harnesses, helmets, etc.) but girls are responsible for coming prepared with their own appropriate outdoor clothing and overnight supplies. After the event’s registration deadline you will receive an email with a detailed packing list specific to the event. 

If you do not have appropriate outdoor gear, don’t feel the need to buy new items - we don’t want anyone to have to break the bank to get supplies you don’t already own! It is surprisingly easy to find used outdoor gear. Some suggestions are: thrift stores and discounted outdoor retail websites. 

Do participants need to be a part of a traditional troop to participate in Trailblazers & Mariners events?

No, girls can join Girl Scouts as an Individual Registered Member of Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma and then connect to our Trailblazers and Mariners. 

Who staffs the Trailblazers & Mariners events? Can troop leaders attend?

Meetings and events are staffed by trained GSEOK Outdoor Educators and staff. Troop leaders do not attend/chaperone members of their troop. 

Do Trailblazers & Mariners need adult volunteers?

Yes! We welcome the outdoor experience and leadership of adult volunteers to support this program. If you are interested in volunteering, please email