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Volunteer Toolkit

VTK Summer 2019 Update

  • Individually Registered Members (IRMs) can now access everything VTK has to offer!
  • 42 new badges and awards in the categories of Outdoor and STEM have been added to VTK.
  • All Cadette badges have been added.
  • The three classic journeys for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors are now in the six-session format.
  • The current Daisy, Brownie, and Junior journeys have been revised to fit the new six-session format.
  • 2019 year plans have been archived.
  • Make sure you're renewed for 2020 to access all of this great new content!

Make Your Girl Scout Year Easier

Want to spend less time planning and feel more satisfied with the time you spend with your troop? Check out the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK). This digital tool helps troop leaders and co-leaders plan meetings and communicate with families easily with materials lists, activity timelines, standard email language, and more! Access it on your computer, tablet, or phone—it’s mobile friendly.

Girls have more fun when they shape their own experience, do hands-on activities, and work together as teams. With VTK, girls and leaders can explore meeting topics and program activities together, and follow the fun as they plan their Girl Scout year.

Log In
  1. Click or tap the My GS/VTK link at the far right of the green-bar navigation.
  2. Choose Volunteer Toolkit.
  3. Enter your username and password.

Get to Know the VTK Tabs

There’s no need to spend time tracking down meeting resources. Use VTK to manage your troop from the palm of your hand. Discover helpful features in every tab.

My Troop: Manage Troop Info
  • Leaders can keep track of an editable, downloadable girl roster and email families. (Parents can edit info about their girl only.)
  • Allows leaders to keep track of girls’ achievements and attendance (perfect for making an awards shopping list).
  • Renew memberships; leaders can also add volunteers.
  • Leaders with multiple troops can toggle between them.
Explore: Check Out Options
  • Browse pre-selected year plan tracks with the girls, and choose the one they like best.
  • Select a custom year plan using mix-and-match meeting options.
  • Newly-expanded year plan options include more badge-focused plans plus new Journey year plans for every level.
  • Check out new options for multi-grade troops.
Year Plan: Use Calendar Features
  • This is your overview of the entire year based on the year plan you chose in the Explore tab.
  • Set holidays, meeting times and locations, and what parents can see in their VTK view.
  • Rearrange, add, or delete meetings anytime.
  • Add custom activities, like field trips and campouts.
  • Add council activities, like workshops and trainings for adults.
Meeting Plan: Create Great Meetings
  • Find detailed info about each meeting.
  • Leaders can customize all elements of each meeting. Families can see (but not edit) the date, location, and subject of each meeting.
  • Full scripts are provided (perfect for delegating to new helpers or older girls running their own meetings).
  • A handy materials list is provided for each meeting (great for delegating to helpers).
  • Timed agendas can be rearranged and adjusted.
  • Remind or follow up with a built-in troop email function (awesome for sharing the purpose of each meeting with girls’ families).
  • Download plans, materials lists, and activity resources.
Resources: Access Helpful Links and Info
  • Find links to frequently-used forms and information from Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma and GSUSA.
  • Discover helpful grade-level resources.
  • The Family Hub keeps parents engaged and informed.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at or 800-707-9914.