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Community Development Troops

We’ve got troops! It can be difficult to start a strong troop in some areas. Our community troops begin as a monthly staff-led troop which provides an on-going Girl Scout Leadership Experience for all girls from diverse locations.

We do all the fun, traditional stuff. Girls participate in badge earning projects. Selling Girl Scout Cookies is one of the favorite activities. And girls are always giving back with community service projects. We create special outdoor experiences to introduce them to the camp environment.

But we also have some special additions. Girls and their mothers also have access to social, life skills, and parenting classes.  Adults who would like to become volunteers are mentored by staff to become confident troop leaders.

Community Development troops need leaders and mentors! Consider volunteering today. Find out more here

Quotes from real participants:

“Sometimes the only food I eat is at school and at my Girl Scout meetings. My Girl Scout troop feeds me during meetings and lets me take extra home.” –Girl Scout Junior

“This is the best day I have ever had!” –Jarea