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Girl Scouts Beyond Bars

We’re award winning and nationally recognized as one of the premier Beyond Bars programs. We help daughters with incarcerated mothers foster healthy, lasting relationships. Through Girl Scouting and related services, they become girls (and women) of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place … and break the chain of incarceration.

And we’re successful! We share our work with others as mentors and trainers for programs nationwide. Our expertise is sought by community forums and task forces seeing answers.

Oklahoma has the dubious distinction of the highest female incarceration rate, 130 per 100,000 residents, compared to the national average of 67 per 100,000. National data indicates that almost two-thirds of women prisoners are mothers. In spite of extreme challenges in Oklahoma, we are seeing significant change. Here’s what we do:

Reentry case management

Behavioral case management

Peer-to-peer mentoring

Educational classes for school/youth workers

Accredited Victim Impact and Nurturing Parenting facilitation

Family Reunification


98% of children showed a reduction in separation anxiety.


95% of children showed a reduction in shame by not taking ownership in parents’ incarceration.


88% of children showed a reduction in delinquency and arrests.

Pre and Post Release Reentry Services

Of 194 mothers who participated, 194 received Nurturing Parenting classes. Of the 194 mothers who participated in Nurturing Parenting, 125 showed an improvement in the following constructs:




Appropriate expectations


Corporal punishment


Appropriate family roles


Power independence

Case Management


Of 680 children served, 680 received intake assessments and 333 received referrals to community resources.


Of the 333 referred to community resources, 300 reported satisfaction with referral source.


Quotes from Girl Scout Beyond Bars Incarcerated Mothers:

“Changes I’ve noticed in my children are they are being a lot more responsible and respectful to others.” 

“Changes I’ve noticed in me are I’m learning a lot of things I was doing wrong, that could affect my children for the rest of their life.” 

“I am more calm and respective of others.” 

“We communicate more as a family.”