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Girls can be and will be the STEM experts of the future! Girls like to solve problems, build things, do hands-on science projects, and ask questions about how things work. Developed within Girl Scouts' framework of leadership, girl-led, learning-by-doing and cooperative learning, this unique initiative encourages girls to explore STEM in ways that are relevant to everyday life!  Each of our programs is fun, age-appropriate and engaging!

STEM is incorporated into troop activities as well as through our signature programs.  With more opportunities to participate in STEM, our girls are fast-forwarding into the future!


Astronomy - Catch a Falling Star, Reaching for the Stars, and Discovering the Stars! There is so much to see as you gaze at the night sky. Study the stars and the moon, identify constellations and galaxies, or explore star maps and sun dials! Astronomy is not only super cool, it’s far out!  Guided by NASA trained Girl Scout volunteers, girls study their universe year-round.  


Cookie Construction - Put your creative mind to work! Learn about architecture and design as you and your team plan, design and build your three-dimensional structure solely out of Girl Scout Cookie boxes! Mentored by professional women engineers and architects, each team is rated as much for their effort as they are for their teamwork.  


Robotics – Are you ready to rumble!? Gather your team together to design, build, and program your very own robotic creation! Using the FIRST Lego League Robotics curriculum, each team develops a project to solve a problem with a global theme.  Robotics themes vary from year-to-year.  With the help of mentors, who are technical professionals, girls brainstorm, problem-solve, design, and build  prototypes applying all aspects of STEM. 

Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma is proud to partner with Williams Companies and other sponsors to provide Girl Scouts of all ages access to the fascinating world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).