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The Community Development department is designed to help participants reach certain milestones using the Girl Scout Leadership Experience model.  Community Development is a compilation of several outreach oriented programs.  These programs serve girls affected by parental incarceration, poor socioeconomic backgrounds and high risk life situations.  Programs have expanded over the years to include intake assessments and case management which allow us to evaluate our program’s success.

·         Girl Scouts Beyond Bars was designed to help incarcerated mothers foster healthy, lasting relationships with their daughters.  Due to the success of the program, Girl Scouts Beyond Bars enhanced its services to include:

o   Family reunification

o   Pre and Post release reentry services

o   Reentry case management

o   Behavioral case management

o   Peer-to-peer mentoring

o   Case management

o   Nurturing Parenting

o   Educational classes for school/youth workers

o   Accredited Victim Impact and Nurturing Parenting facilitation

·         Girl Scouting in the School Day provides specialized series to over 31 schools, grades K-12 in underserved communities.  These series provide an opportunity for the girls to learn social skills and respect through group mentoring.  The age appropriate curriculum include:

o   Bullying prevention

o   STEM

o   Financial Literacy

o   Cognitive Behavior

·         Community Troops is a pathway which provides an on-going Girl Scout Leadership Experience for all girls from diverse locations.  Girls participate in badge earning projects, Girl Scout Cookie Program and community service projects.  Additionally participants (which include girls and mothers) can access social, life skills and parenting classes.  A staff person recruits and mentors volunteers to become confident troop leaders.  Our long-term goals are for community troops to transition to volunteer-led troops.


Quotes from real participants:

“Sometimes the only food I eat is at school and at my Girl Scout meetings. My Girl Scout troop feeds me during meetings and lets me take extra home.”  ~Girl Scout Junior

“My husband and I had just started new jobs and could not afford for our daughter to join Girl Scouts. Thanks to Girl Scouts’ Financial Assistance program, my daughter was able to join Girl Scouts.”   ~Lori

“There’s a lot of fighting on my way home from school each day. Participating in Girl Scouts afterschool program keeps me safe.”  ~Girl Scout Cadette

“I used my last bus pass to get to the Girl Scout office. Girl Scouts made sure that I could make it back home. Girl Scouts cares.”  ~Penny

“I am more calm and respective of others.”  ~GSBB incarcerated mother

“We communicate more as a family.”  ~GSBB incarcerated mother

“Changes I’ve noticed in my children are they are being a lot more responsible and respectful to others.”  ~GSBB incarcerated mother

“Changes I’ve noticed in me are I’m learning a lot of things I was doing wrong, that could affect my children for the rest of their life.”  ~GSBB incarcerated mother

“If it was not for Girl Scouts, I would never be able to see my children. Girl Scouts is my only connection to my children.” - Kiabi

“If it had not been for Girl Scouts contacting DHS and bringing my daughter to see me, I believe I would have had a difficult time getting her back now that I am released.” - Bianca

“Because Girl Scouts brought my girls to see me while I was incarcerated, I was able to be a part of their final high school years.  I was able to see the joy in their eyes as they spoke about prom and graduation.  My daughter even asked for my blessing before deciding to get married to her high school sweetheart.” ~Vanessa

“This is the best day I have ever had!” ~Jarea

“Can we please stay five more minutes…because I love spending time with my mom.”  ~Caleb

“I wanted to fight her for calling me names, but thought about what I learned at Girl Scouts and the consequences, so I just walked away.” ~Jessica

“I haven’t been able to give my children a Christmas gift in over two years. Thank you for teaching me to parent from beyond bars.” ~Julie

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