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Council Opportunities

Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Travel!

Every girl deserves a chance to see the world – whether that means on the other side of town or the other side of the world. Many troops provide opportunities for their members to travel outside of our council area. Troop trips are a great way for girls to learn about planning, budgeting, being flexible, working together as a team, being respectful of each other, and so many other life skills.

In addition to their troop travel, Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma offers girls other opportunities to see new places, meet new people, and learn about different ideas and cultures. These council-sponsored trips are for girls from all over our 30 counties.

Council-sponsored travel is Girl-Led and Girl Focused! That means Girls get to be at the forefront for their trip. During Girl-only meetings they get to research places to stay, things to see, transportation options, and make sure the trip is staying on budget. We have fun fancy nights out where we get to practice our manners and etiquette. We take time to learn about the countries or state we are visiting including cultural norms, cultural appropriateness, common phrases, and basic language (if the main language spoken isn’t English).

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Progression in council-sponsored travel:

  • Junior Troop Trips (grades 5-6): Happen yearly in January and rotate between Hutchinson, KS and Kansas City, MO. Girls travel with their troop and get their first experience with council travel.
  • Cadette Break Trips (grades 6-8): Happen yearly in October over Fall Break and rotate between Houston, Denver, and St. Louis. Girls travel individually and make new friends while getting to explore these awesome cities. 
  • Spring Break Trips (grades 7-12): Happen yearly during Spring Break. Location changes yearly. Past trips have included Oklahoma Road Trip, Universal Studios, and Disney World. 
  • Mystery Adventures (grades 7-12): Weekend adventures to a surprise location! Each trip revolves around a letter and girls won’t know where we are going or what we are doing until we get there! 
  • National Trips (age 13 and above): Big summer trips that happen on even-numbered years. Trips are typically 9-12 days long. There is an application and selection process for these trips. Past trips have included New York, Florida, Georgia, and California. 
  • International Trips (age 14 and above): Big summer trips that happen on odd-numbered years. Trips are typically 12-16 days long. There is an application and selection process for these trips. Recent trips have included Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, England, Scotland, and Ireland. 

There’s an entire world out there waiting to be explored, check out our activity list to see the council-sponsored trips coming up!


Why is travel important for girls? 
Girls will gain independence and learn important leadership skills on the trips. Girls will learn to navigate a new city they are visiting using public transportation and using map skills. They will have to use money management as they budget for the activities we plan. Manners and etiquette are taught for fun fancy nights out. If going abroad girls may even learn a new language. These are just some of the independent skills girls will be taking away from council trips. 

My daughter has never been away from me that long before. How do I know she’s ready? 
Girls will be talking with the trip lead way before the trip happens to get comfortable with the adult she is going with. If your daughter has never traveled before we suggest a shorter trip to start. Our trips are set up for progression. Shorter regional ones for first timers, longer national ones for girls who are not old enough to go abroad yet and international trips for girls who are ready to see the world! 

What if my Girl Scout doesn’t know anyone on the trip? 
That’s okay! The girls are from all over Eastern Oklahoma so they will have that in common. She will be able to make new friends with girls her own age. We will have planning meetings and in-person get-togethers as a group before the trip as a chance to get to know one another. 

How do I know my Girl Scout will be safe? 
Safety of girls is always our number one priority. Although the girls are planning the trips, council staff and trip advisors will make sure that the activities are safe and appropriate. All trip advisors are first-aid and CPR trained. Security/safety levels are always monitored to the city/states/countries we are visiting. We will not go to places which are not safe. 

Will my daughter be meeting strange people on this trip? 
That is the beauty of traveling, meeting new and interesting people. All of the activities that were planned by the girls will be supervised by Trip Advisors and they make sure that girls’ safety is the number one priority. They will have the chance to make new friends and talk with different people. 

Can I attend the trip with my daughter? 
Council trips are girl-led and girl-focused, which means we want to take as many girls as possible on a trip with the minimum number of adults needed. These trips are for girls, not adults. Council has a trip advisor committee that we choose from for council-sponsored trips. Trip advisors must be un-related to any of the girls or other advisors participating on the trip. 

Who are these “trip advisors” that are taking my Girl Scout on these trips? And what are their qualifications?
The Trip Advisors (the adults) leading the trip are council-staff and members of our Trip Advisor Committee. Each person has the required travel training as well as first aid and CPR. Additionally they apply to be a member of the committee to make sure their application is suitable and their qualifications meet the trip standards. All adults are registered Girl Scout members with current background checks on file with the council.

Will I get a detailed itinerary of the trip? 
Yes, every trip as it gets closer to the event will have a detailed itinerary as well as phone numbers of places the girls are staying and Trip Advisor cell phones in case of emergencies. Remember these are girl planned trips, so the girls make the decisions on the activities and lodging so if the group hasn’t talked about it yet, there is no information to give. 

Can my Girl Scout take her cell phone so we can be in touch in case of emergencies? 
Yes, she will be allowed to take her cell phone. Each trip has a cell phone policy that the girls and adults are expected to adhere to. If the girl does not, her cell phone will be in the possession of the trip lead. Trip Advisors are not responsible for lost or stolen phones or electronics on the trip. 

Do you worry about discipline on these trips? 
The great thing about taking a trip with Girl Scouts is we have the Promise and Law to help things go smoother. We also require both girls and parents sign a behavior contract before leaving for the trip. If the girl does not adhere to the contract she will be asked to leave the trip at the expense of the girl and her family. 

What’s included in the program fee? 
Transportation costs, all meals, overnight accommodations, entrance fees to all attractions, activities, patches, Girl Scout insurance, and group t-shirt.

Is there financial assistance available for trips? 
Girls can use cookie credit to pay for their trip. Girls selected for a national or international summer trip can sell Fall Products and Cookies with the Travel Troop and use those funds to pay for their trip. The Travel Troop also participates in extra money-earning projects. Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma offers travel scholarships for girls attending national or international summer trips. This is available to girls twice during their Girl Scout career and can cover 50% of the cost of travel or up to $750.

If my daughter chooses to cancel from a council-sponsored trip, what is the cancellation policy? 
Program Fee for trip includes a non-refundable deposit due at time of trip selection, half-trip cost for International and National Summer trips is due the August before travel. Payment in full is due 60 days prior to trip. Any funds earned through travel troop or money-earning opportunities are not refunded and stay with the travel troop. Refunds will vary based upon how soon the trip is occurring. Any portion of a Girl Scout’s trip fee that has already been spent, will not be refunded. EX. If plane tickets have already been purchased, the value of those tickets will be deducted from the refund

  • 121+ days prior to trip: 75% refund of trip fee, less deposit and any portion of paid trip fees that have already been spent. 
  • 60-120 days prior to trip: 50% refund of trip fees paid, less deposit and any portion of paid trip fees that have already been spent
  • 60 days prior to trip: No refunds will be provided
Top 10 things to know when traveling with council
  1. Be Flexible: 
    • Large groups mean you may have to wait longer times 
    • Things sometimes change last minute or don’t go according to plan
  2. Be patient: 
    • With each other, waiting (showers, meals, activities)
  3. Be aware: 
    • Surroundings
    • When walking anywhere make sure there are no more than 2 people next to each other
    • Crosswalks and Intersections – watch the traffic, watch the lights and realize not everyone may make it across at the same time. 
    • Your Personal Belongings: Suitcase and its contents in your room, when you are out and about (don’t leave your bag), and on public transportation (do not take any more space than you need)
  4. Be Respectful: 
    • Practice the Girl Scout Law at all times
    • Be respectful of each other’s opinion and beliefs. Be respectful behind closed doors. Just because you do it at home, doesn’t mean others are okay with it. 
    • Be respectful of adult decisions. 
    • Remember we are visitors/guests in someone else’s home. Do not be loud or obnoxious on the streets, public transportation, events/activities
  5. Voice your opinion: 
    • This is your trip so be a part of the planning process
    • Make sure you are always kind and respectful when voicing your opinion 
  6. Have a good attitude: 
    • Sometimes we will do things that aren’t your favorite/you didn’t vote for. Having a good attitude can change your outlook on it
    • If you go in thinking it’s going to stink, it will. But if you go in thinking this is going to be good/how can I make this fun you may surprise yourself and end up having a great time
    • Remember it’s about the journey and not the destination 
  7. Try new things: 
    • New experiences are great, you may even find you like something you thought you would hate
  8. Do not be wasteful: 
    • shower time, meals (can be split, do not order if you will not eat it)
  9. Be on time: 
    • We have times we have to be places, and if we are late we may miss out
    • Don’t make your other trip participants late
  10. Make new friends and have fun: 
    • Trips are all about fun! Meet new people and enjoy the time exploring somewhere new
Trip Advisors

Trip Advisors provide supervision and guidance for council-sponsored trips, while encouraging girls to gain confidence and develop leadership skills. Trips advisors must:

  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Be unrelated to any of the girl participates or other advisors
  • Be current Girl Scout member
  • Meet volunteer training requirements
  • Successfully complete a background screening
  • Able to pay for a portion of the trip fee (may vary by trip but usually 1/3 of the girl cost)

If you are interested in being a Trip Advisor for an upcoming trip you can apply to join the Trip Advisor Committee. The trip advisor application is available here