Council Patch Programs

Patch Programs

New Member Girl Scout Patch

New to Girl Scouts? Then you've already earned this patch! 

Fill out the completion form here.

Recruit-a-Friend Patch

Recruit a friend to Girl Scouts and earn this unique recruiter patch while your friend earns the New Member Girl Scout patch!

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Outdoor Skills Patch

The Outdoor Skills Patch Program is a progressive, five-level program to help Girl Scouts learn and become proficient in outdoor skills.

Download the patch program booklet here.

Gathering Place Patch

Earn your Gathering Place Patch while exploring captivating art installations, engaging in fun outdoor activities, and immersing yourself in the wonders of the park. Get ready to unlock your potential, learn, and create lasting memories.

The Explore & Imagine program is sponsored by American Electric Power Foundation and supported by Public Service Company of Oklahoma's generous support for the first 500 patches.

Download the patch program booklet here.  |  Receive your patches here.

Every Girl at Wah-Shah-She

Camp Wah-Shah-She was purchased in June, 1961. The camp site was at one time Osage Indian land. Wah-Shah-She means "Osage" in the tribal tongue and it was agreed that key locations on site would be named with Osage names and the area(s) have the blessing of the chief. The first day camp was held that summer in the pasture.

Spend time together as a troop exploring the great outdoors for an overnight or weekend and ear your Every Girl at Camp Wah-Shah-She patch!   Cradled among woods and hills on 524 acres of land in Osage County, it is a perfect setting for adventure and environmental studies.

Download the patch onesheet here.

Girls Run The World Patch

Ready for a challenge? Welcome to the Girls Run the World patch program! You'll set a goal, build your athletic skills and give back to your community as you explore the world of running and all the different ways we move!

Download the patch program booklet here.

Get Outside! Patch

We want Girl Scouts to Get Outside! every season! To earn the season’s Get Outside! patch, complete the number of activities for your level.

Summer: Jun 20 - Sep 21

Autumn: Sep 22 - Dec 21

Winter: Dec 22 - Mar 19

Spring: Mar 20 - Jun 19

Bits of Joy
Camping Patch

This patch celebrates Joy Luinstra, who was the recipient of the CEO’s Excellence Award for being an outstanding Girl Scout alumna, volunteer extraordinaire and community leader. 

Download Program
Book here.

Girl Scouts State Parks Passport

Find a State Park near you and/or download the official Oklahoma State Parks app for the perfect mobile guide to over 30 state parks!

Download the
Passport here.

Outdoor Program Enrichment

Earn these three Outdoor Awards with your troop!

Outdoor Program Enrichment Leader’s Guide

Outdoor Program Enrichment Girl’s Record Booklet 

Aerospace Adventures Patch Program

Designed in partnership with the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust, this patch program will help Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors learn about aerospace careers and fields of study. 

When you've finished the program, pick-up your free patch in the Girl Scouts Shop!

Download the Aerospace Adventure Guide here.

Serve your community year-round with the Council-wide Community Service program.


Spring: This is a time to give communites a good spring cleaning

Summer: Volunteer at the community Food Bank

Fall: Adopt-a-Senior

Winter: Collect for a Cause

Check out this flyer for more details on how to earn your Community Service Patch!

*Report service projects at your monthly service unit meeting. Use form #220F.

Come explore some of the history of Tulsa with this Gold Award Patch Program, developed by one of our Gold Award Girl Scouts! Visit Greenwood Rising to earn this exclusive patch! 

What is Greenwood Rising?

"Greenwood Rising honors the icons of Black Wall Street, memorializes the victims of the Massacre, and examines the lessons of the past to inspire meaningful, sustainable action in the present. Its multimedia presentation includes voices of Massacre survivors and profiles of historic figures, all contextualized in the history of America." 

Please fill out the application form below and send to the email listed.

Informational Form

Evaluation Form

Note from the Gold Award Girl Scout:
Through the project, I has raised funds to provide free museum admission, free souvenir books, and (if you are far enough) a free hotel voucher as incentives for the first 100 girls to earn the patch.  We will provide you the vouchers and more information before your visit!

Girl Scouts Shop Adventure
Girl Scouts Shop Adventure

These patches and more available now in the Girl Scouts Shop at Hardesty Leadership Center.