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Updated_Around the World Day Camp 2020-02

Day Camp 2021! 

Explore the world without leaving Oklahoma! Join us on a 5 day journey around the globe as our imagination jets us to a different country each day.  Passports will be stamped as our itinerary takes us to the Girl Scout World Centers for all inclusive, nonstop fun! Feel like a local as you play, eat, sing, and learn like our Girl Scout sisters from around the world!

Registration Deadline - May 10, 2021

Day Camp Location Date
Willow Haven Oologah June 7 - 11
Hill-n-Dale Broken Arrow June 14 - 18
Sylvia Stapley Stillwater June 14 - 18
Watastota - SOLD OUT Tulsa June 14 - 18

Day camp gives girls exciting opportunities to try new things, build skills, and make friends while enjoying the great outdoors! Girls get the best of both worlds: an amazing camp experience during the day and home each night. Girls typically attend by themselves or with a friend! 

At day camp, girls begin to gain that outdoor self-confidence for which Girl Scouts are famous. Every year is a new adventure, guaranteeing fun for our newest and returning campers alike!

And remember - your day camper can invite her very best friends to attend with her...even if they aren't currently Girl Scouts! They can register as a member and go to camp. Qualified Program Aides may attend too!

GSEOK’s day camps are planned and staffed by incredible Girl Scout volunteers!  Want to volunteer at day camp and make summer special for girls in your community? Register together with your Girl Scout!  We even have separate units for children age 5 and younger, and male children of day camp staff.

ACA Accredited

Our council hosts week-long day camps in five locations across Eastern Oklahoma. Proudly, they are all accredited by the  American Camp Association (ACA). Developed exclusively for the camp industry, this nationally recognized organization has established high benchmarks for the health and safety of campers and staff, as well as quality program delivery. Trained ACA representatives have conducted an independent evaluation and we have earned this mark of distinction. 

GSEOK Day Camp & COVID-19 Guidelines

Girl Scouts has always worked hard to ensure girls’ safety is priority by creating rules, safety guidelines, etc. This document holds best practices and the decisions made by GSEOK to mitigate COVID-19.  This document is not exhaustive; Day Camp Directors are encouraged to add details and policies that work best for their unique day camp; these will be shared with the parent/guardian in pre camp communications from the Director.

In response to local, state, and national recommendations we will be implementing several strategies to limit the spread of COVID-19. With the developing situations these procedures may adapt to align with new guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and American Camp Association: 

  • The maximum capacity for all camps will cap at 100 girls. 
  • No cookouts will be allowed during GSEOK day camp 2021
  • No overnights will be allowed during GSEOK day camp 2021
  • Field trips and other offsite trips will be limited

We are excited to hold day camp this summer. For the safety of everyone involved, we are asking you to partner with us by limiting your camper’s and your family’s contacts for the two weeks prior to day camp. We are committed to doing our best to keep symptoms out of camp and create a safe place. Thank you for taking extra measures for the benefit of everyone.

Campers and staff will be required to wear masks with the exception for eating, sleeping, and strenuous outdoor activities. Campers will be provided many opportunities throughout the day to take mask breaks. We suggest campers bring at least two masks per day and bags to store used and clean masks. Singing only allowed while wearing masks. 

Girls will be assigned to different units as usual. Units will stay together and limit interactions with other units while at camp the best they can.  

Plans to clean and disinfect communal spaces and clean and disinfect sharable/high touched materials as often as possible is the top priority for us. In addition, campers will be required to wash their hands or utilize hand sanitizer between meals and activities. Any activity which requires campers use a common item (i.e. bow and arrow) will be sanitized prior to use by the next camper.

Check-In/Drop Off
Everyone in the vehicle with the camper will undergo a temperature screening. If anyone in the vehicle is found to have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, showing symptoms of COVID-19, or answering “yes” to any questions on the screening questionnaire, the camper will be unable to attend camp that week.

Bus or vans will be capped at half capacity. Campers riding a bus or vans will prescreen before  getting in vehicle

Food / Drink 
Water Bottle refills -  The unit leader will fill water bottles after girls take lid off to limit number touching water source. Each camp will have their own specific guidelines that’s best for how this task is set up.  Leader will wipe down and disinfect equipment after use. 

Lunch / Snacks  - Girls will bring their own lunch and snacks each day and these cannot be shared between campers. If the day camp is providing snacks, they will be individually packaged and commercially wrapped and not served family or buffet style. 

Personal Contact
Hugs, handshakes, “high-fives,” and even activities like the friendship circle hand squeeze can transmit COVID-19 from person-to-person. Refrain from these gestures for the time being. Create a safe way for girls and volunteers to greet each other and end meetings instead.

What is the protocol if someone has suspected symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19? 
Any person displaying symptoms will be isolated and the camper or staff member will be required to be picked up immediately to receive further medical attention. The individual will be isolated until appropriate return to home transportation can be arranged. They will not return to camp. 

What is the refund/ cancellation policy?

  • All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • In the event activity fees do not require a deposit, full payment is required for registration.
  • Cancellations must be received before the registration deadline.
  • There are no refunds after the registration deadline.

The individual making the registration will be responsible for any balance due for:

  • cancellations received after the registration deadline
  • any balance due for girls who are "no shows"

In the event that GSEOK has to cancel a program, a full refund including the deposit will be provided. This policy includes all methods of payment including those made with Cookie Program Credit.

Additional Resident and/or Day Camp Information -  No refund will be given for campers:

  • arriving with active bed bugs, lice, eggs, or nits
  • arriving late or leaving early
  • who are sent home for communicable diseases
  • who are sent home for exhibiting improper behavior

2021 Cancellations Due to COVID-19 Family Circumstances - While we are unable to provide a no-risk cancellation refund policy, we assure you that if your daughter is ill or is in contact with someone who is ill causing her to be ineligible to attend resident and/or day camp that we will first try to reschedule. If that is not possible, you have the following choices:

  • Donate all or a portion of payments to camp. As a nonprofit that relies on income from program payments, it is important to understand that the financial implications of cancelling from a camp session are serious. Prior to camp, many preparations are made that incur expenses for the council. Your donation will mean a great deal towards helping us recoup some of those costs and your donation is tax-deductible.
  • We know that each of us has been impacted in a variety of ways by this crisis. At your request, we will cancel the registration and refund all payments except for the deposit.