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Cookie Program Credit (CPC)

Girl Scouts work hard to earn their Cookie Program Credit and there are lots of ways to use it. Cookie Program Credit works similar to your typical gift card, it is an individual reward, acknowledging your hard work and entrepreneurial success. Throughout the cookie sale program, girls practice five skills – goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics – and they decide how to run their businesses. Now they get to decide how to use their Cookie Program Credit!

Check Cookie Program Credit balance at any time by visiting and entering card number and CVV code from your email.


What if I didn't receive a Cookie Program Credit email?

The emails were sent to the email address your Girl Scout was registered with. Make sure your account has the most current email address on file. Please check all spam, promotions, and junk mail folders. If you still cannot find it, contact

How do I check my balance?

There are several options for this.

  1. You can check your balance by visiting and entering your 19-digit account number and CVV code received in the email.
  2. After registering your card you can log in here using your email address and PIN for this site.
  3. When you are in the store and make a purchase with your Cookie Program Credit, you can request your balance to be printed with the receipt.
How do I keep track of my CPC number?

Each troop will receive one business card per girl with their cookie rewards. The girl can write her own number from the email on this card and a parent can keep in their wallet. There will be a few extra available in the Girl Scout Store if you have lost the hard copy.

How do I register my CPC card?

Go to the website listed on the back of your CPC card and enter the numbers to check your balance. Once you have done this, you'll be able to follow the prompts on screen to register your card. 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you remember your username and password. Council staff will not be able to retrieve or reset this information. 

What if I lose my Cookie Program Credit card number?

If you do lose your CPC Card number there are a number of ways you can find it again:

  1. Go to and log in with your email address. (You must have previously registered your card number on this website).
  2. You can find your number in the email that was sent on May 1.
  3. If you still cannot locate your card number, contact Customer Care via email at or call them at 800-707-9914 and let them know that you need your CPC Card number sent to you. It may take a little bit of time for them to get back to you with the information you need, so please be patient.
How do I register for camp and other council events using Cookie Program Credit?

Cookie Program Credit is now available for all parts of program fees, including the deposit. Please review our Refund/Cancellation Policies.

To pay full amount with Cookie Program Credit:

  • Click cart
  • Select “Pay in Full”
  • Click “Checkout”
  • Select “Gift Card” from the payment type options
  • Enter the 19-digit account number in the “Gift Card Number” box
  • Click “Make Payment” button
  • You will be emailed a receipt

To make partial payment with Cookie Program Credit:

  • Click cart
  • Select “Other Amount”
  • Enter amount to be paid
  • Click “Update” link under the amount entered
  • Verify the amount to be paid is correct
  • Click “Checkout”
  • Select “Gift Card” from the payment type options
  • Enter the 19-digit account number in the “Gift Card Number” box
  • Click “Make Payment” button
  • You will be emailed a receipt
Can I use my CPC for my membership registration?

This option is only available during the Early Bird renewal time frame.

How do I use CPC at the Girl Scout Store?

Bring your email or CPC card with your 19-digit account number to the shop. Cookie Program Credit is only available for use at the GSEOK store and may not be used for online purchases. 

What if a troop leader needs to use my Cookie Program Credit to make a purchase at the Girl Scout Store?

Troop leaders or another trusted adult may make purchases for a Girl Scout, but only if they have either a copy of the email or the account number with them. CPC numbers will not be provided to non-guardians. 

What if I misplace my email or don't have a copy when I visit the Girl Scout Store?

A council employee can look up your account number – but only for a girl or parent. We cannot give out any balance information.

Can anyone check my Cookie Program Credit balance?

Anyone can check balances at any time by having the card number and CVV code. Please use your best judgement when giving this information to someone other than the girl or parent.

Does Cookie Program Credit expire?

Cookie Program Credit funds will carry over from year to year as long as the Girl Scout girl membership is maintained each year with GSEOK.

Can I transfer Cookie Program Credit to someone else?

Cookie Program Credit is non-transferrable.

Can I redeem Cookie Program Credit for cash?

No, Cookie Program Credit cannot be redeemed for cash. 

What is the Cookie Program Credit Policy for GSEOK?

Cookie Program Credit is a fee reduction system that reserves a credit in each girl’s name based on her range of packages of cookies sold, as listed in the rewards program on the order card. It is based on total packages sold (determined at the end of the sale), and is available for use beginning May 1 of the year earned and until the expiration of the girl’s membership in GSEOK. Cookie Program Credit is used to discount the cost of activities, programs, and supplies that will enrich the Girl Scout experience. It may be used for up to 100% of a fee. Deposits are non-refundable. Girls must sell at least 65 packages of cookies to be eligible for Cookie Program Credit on all packages of cookies sold.

Cookie Program Credit is non-transferable and is not paid in cash. Cookie Program Credit will not be accepted after the expiration of membership on September 30 for girls who do not reregister. Cookie Program Credit will be reinstated for girls who reregister during the grace period, ending August 31 of the following year. After that time the credit will be permanently forfeited. Unused credit remains in the General Operating Fund to support all council programs.

Cookie Program Credit can be used for Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma day camps, and resident camp (see our website or the spring & summer program guide for more camp information), council-planned trips and activities, the girl’s portion of the cost of a travel opportunity sponsored by Girl Scouts of the USA or another Girl Scout council, a Service Unit Special event for which girls register individually, qualifying council approved troop trips, and purchases in the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Store.