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For Troop Leaders

Troop leaders are at the heart of Girl Scouting. They pull together meeting ideas, camping gear, craft supplies, parent volunteers, and girls’ dreams, and magically turn all of those into the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. If you’re a troop leader, thanks for everything you do!

Find Things to Do with Girls

You have lots of options when you and your troop are deciding on activities. Here are a few resources you may find helpful.

Volunteer Essentials: Start with Chapter 3: Things to Do with Girls for an overview of options from outdoor activities, skill and leadership building, ceremonies and traditions, highest awards, STEM, camps, and more.

Visit the Events page for upcoming activities and training options that empower you to do more with your troop.

Plan Meetings

Volunteer Toolkit: Plan troop meetings with ease and have more quality time with your troop by using the Volunteer Toolkit. It’s a web app for busy troop leaders. Access it on your phone, tablet, or computer. The Volunteer Toolkit includes:

  • meeting plans for each troop level
  • activity printables
  • digital Journeys
  • meeting scripts, and
  • built-in emails that are time-savers for communicating with families

Get started: From any page on our website, select the My GS/VTK tab. enter your username and password. Choose the Volunteer Toolkit option. Once you’re in, choose the Explore tab to browse meeting options with your troop. Select one and you’re ready to go! Customize your year plan anytime by adding or removing activities. Want to learn more? See our cheat sheet or get to know the Volunteer Toolkit tabs.

You must be a registered Troop Leader or Assistant Leader with a current Girl Scout membership to view the Volunteer Toolkit. Need help? Contact

Head Outdoors

Weekend Campouts: Join other Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma troops for a weekend of camping, teambuilding, and fun at one of our council properties. Check out the program guide for opportunities.

Outdoor Badges and Journeys: Whether you're looking to explore your backyard or the backcountry, Girl Scouts outdoor badges and journeys will strengthen girls’ outdoor skills and ignite their interest in environmental stewardship.

Resident Camp: All girls are welcome at our summer day camps and resident camps. Registration opens January 21.

Find More Girls for Your Troop

A standard troop has 12 girls. If you need more girls, open your troop using the Opportunity Catalog. This online tool allows girls and families to browse and join available troops in their area. Need help or have questions? Contact

Guide Girls through a Girl Scout Journey

Girl Scout Journeys: Help your girls learn leadership by working on a Girl Scout Journey. Every Girl Scout grade level has a series of Journeys that help girls explore and connect with their community, discover their passions, and make the world a better place by taking action. When girls complete a Journey, they:

  • Learn about themselves, their community, and important topics
  • Identify a problem they want to do something about
  • Come up with a creative solution that will make a difference
  • Create a team plan to make that solution a reality
  • Put their plan into action
  • Talk about what they learned—and what they can’t wait to do next
  • Celebrate their success as they earn their National Leadership Journey awards

Help Girls Choose a Journey:

  1. Visit the Award and Badge Explorer.
  2. Select your troop or girl’s grade level.
  3. Select “Journeys” as your topic.
  4. Select Create a PDF to share Journey options with girls.

Find Journeys and Get Started: All Journeys are available in a digital format in the Volunteer Toolkit. Classic Journeys are available in book form in the Girl Scout Store.

Note: Troop leaders and co-leaders have access to digital Journeys in the Volunteer Toolkit. Parents and other volunteers helping girls can request digital Journey curriculum by contacting

Lead Girls Through Highest Awards

The Girl Scout BronzeSilver, and Gold Awards are Girl Scouting’s highest awards. Working through the highest awards challenges girls to grow in areas of leadership, teamwork, goal setting, and analyzing and solving issues in their community.

As a Girl Scout troop leader, it’s very rewarding to know that you’ve set girls on the path of community leadership and personal success by guiding them though the highest awards. Questions? Contact

Partner with Parents

We know that support from troop families and clear communication between leaders and parents are key to a successful troop. Set a tone of partnership! After all, you and parents have the same goal—an amazing Girl Scout experience for girls. Remember that over time, you’ll become a troop family and that rewarding friendships may form not just for the girls, but for you, too.

Use these resources to connect with troop parents, get help with the troop, and keep parents in the know about Girl Scouts:

Volunteer Toolkit: Use the Volunteer Toolkit to connect to troop parents with ease.

  • When you select a year plan, parents can see meeting activities and resources, allowing them to help out with troop activities, shop using the materials list, or help a girl who is behind.
  • Email the whole troop or send out built-in meeting summaries and reminders with the click of a button.

Financial assistance Let parents know that Girl Scouts is for every girl. Financial assistance is available to cover first-year membership fees, uniform pieces, and some activities.