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Cookies+ Product Programs

Cookie Program and Fall Product Program

It is about more than money. Girls will use real world skills to plan an exciting year, set goals to finance their plans and see it happen by working together. This program is a great step to help girls develop people skills as they make the ask to customers.

How You Can Support Her

Stand by her – She needs you to be on her side as she develops the confidence to ask people for orders. Help her practice her “ask” and network with family and friends.

Volunteer – Her troop needs help chaperoning cookie booths, picking up cookies and more.

Practice safety - Help your girl understand the Girl Scout safety rules.

Set an example – Help her understand and follow the guidelines for the Cookie Program.

Support her online participation – Hosted by GSUSA, the Digital Cookie platform helps your girl with online sales.

Help her set her goals – She can have both personal learning goals related to the five key skills and sales goals based around rewards she wants or Cookie Credit she would like to earn for camp.

Watch her grow in confidence as she discovers her abilities while earning funds for her troop and all girls in Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma.